Snow Elf



Lv 2
Might: 16.5 (12+4.5)
Spirit: 1
Constitution: 6
Dexterity: 5
Will: 12
Intellect: 5
Luck: 5
Speed: 2

Single handed: 11
Runecraft: 11
Stealth: 6


Pierce: Very weak
Cut: weak
Blunt: weak
Fire: very weak
Water: weak
Earth: weak
Air: normal
Ice Strong
Shadow: Weak
Light: Strong


Ice Thrust
Mighty Cleave
Runic Discharge I
Runic discharge II


Rune speech I


Silver: 190

Stone slab.
Ancient text. (unresearched)
Minor Skygem. (charged)
potion of strength I


White steel battle Axe
Glazed Runestone

Total defence: 11

Articulated Grey Leather pauldrons. + 4.5 DF
Grey leather vambraces: + 4 DF
Frost wolf Cloak: + 2.5 DF

Glazed clay bauble: + 4.5 might



32ed of moons flight, 1352ed C

Arrived in Norn. via Carriage from Skyrige.

Sold various Items to local shops.

24th of Moons flight, 1352ed C

Arrived at Skyridge, was not permitted entry.

Took carriage to Norn.

23rd of moons flight, 1352ed C

Awoke in Strange place, Deep in the marshes near Skyrige.

met ARTERIEL, who healed me from my wounds, for an unknown reason.


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