Wrethur Hounhewer




lv 23

constatution: 32



Steel Toric Broadsword.

Toric Guard round shield.

Toric Guard Helm.

leather Scale Hauberk


IT is said that he once was lost in the wilderness for a great while,
and wondered many leagues, starving, having no means for hunting.
he came upon an elf child lost in the woods,
she was surrounded by a pack of mist wolves.
With naught but a hatchet and a willow switch, Writhur slew them all,
and saved the child. taking her back to the elf city sky-ridge.

he claims the wolves had caught a deer, not a child. and that
“his ferocious huger gave him strength” but few believe him.

Wrethur Hounhewer

Mists of Teleri Toullart