Mists of Teleri

Day one.

Game start.


Healed by Arteriel.

Entered Grey marsh.

defeated: Grey Sloth. + 3 Xp

defeated: mistwolf. x2 + 4.2 XP

defeated: mistwolf. + 2.2 xp

defeated by, Hithrim thief.

Defeated Hithrim thief. + 8 xp. stealth increased to lv 6

defeated: Lost elf mage. + 5 xp

Defeated: Mud Troll. +25 xp. Single Handed increased to Lv 11

Lv Up.

arrived at Skyridge.

Arived at Norn.

Defeated: Mugger. +3 xp Runecrafting increased to lv 11


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